Uptick Network

Web3 Infrastructure & Ecosystem for the Real Economy


What is the Uptick Network?

Uptick Network is building business-grade infrastructure and ecosystems for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform is designed with a focus on multi-chain and cross-chain interoperability, and includes three key components: the NFT infrastructure, an NFT marketplace, and NFT ecosystem applications.

These tools and services enable creators, collectors, and others to easily create, collect and trade NFTs, while also enabling the creation of a wide range of cutting-edge applications that leverage the unique properties of NFTs.

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Uptick NFT Interchain Marketplace on Web & Mobile

Uptick NFT Marketplace is a platform that makes it incredibly easy for users to create, collect and trade NFTs. With a host of global creators and multiple NFT categories, including support for various media formats, Uptick NFT Marketplace caters to a wide audience.

Accessible via web and mobile terminals, this feature-rich platform has low barriers to entry for NFT creation and offers a variety of different sales models to help users achieve diverse sales results. Whether you're a creator, collector, or just want to explore the world of NFTs, Uptick NFT Marketplace is a great place to start.

Uptick Network NFT Ecosystem Applications

Uptick Network recognizes that NFTs have value beyond their worth in the marketplace. They can provide meaningful scenarios and value-added services within the ecosystem applications that hold them. Uptick Network has built an open infrastructure that allows developers to collaborate and create NFT-based ecosystems. By leveraging the unique abilities of NFTs, these ecosystems can usher in a wave of innovative value directly to users.

What's possible with NFTs on Uptick?


· Decentralized Finance
· E-Commerce
· Tickets
· Gaming
· Tokenized Real-World Assets


· Art
· Photographs
· Music
· Video
· Metaverse Galleries


· Identity & Credentials
· Loyalty Programs
· Charity
· Health
· Fan Economy


Uptick Network has released the UPTICK token, which serves as a platform utility and governance token. It's used to drive the development of the business ecosystem within the Uptick Network platform, and provide the ability to conduct transparent community governance at scale, while also driving the interchain tokenomics vision of Uptick.

Minting &
Transaction Mining

Application Dev &
Ops Mining

Stake & Earn

Interchain DeFi Farming

DAO Governance

NFT Pledge & Loan

Token Burn &
Inflation Control