Empower Your Digital Assets

Elevate your journey through the Web 3.0 creative economy with the feature-rich and user-friendly Uptick NFT Marketplace. Powered by Uptick Network.


Why Uptick NFT?

Uptick NFT Marketplace is a platform that makes it incredibly easy for users to create, collect and trade NFTs. With a host of global creators and multiple NFT categories, including support for various media formats, the Uptick NFT Marketplace caters to a wide audience.

Accessible via web and mobile terminals, this feature-rich platform has low barriers to entry for NFT creation and offers a variety of different sales models to help users achieve diverse sales results. Whether you're a creator, collector, or just want to explore the world of NFTs, Uptick NFT Marketplace is a great place to start.

Marketplace highlights

Creator flexibility with a broad range of file types supported
Support for not just collectible, but also functional NFTs
Seller freedom with a choice of multiple sales models
Earn marketplace royalties with fair profit sharing
Use the marketplace and get rewarded with token incentives
Track and manage the rights to your digital assets
Get social with the direct messaging features
Seamless linkage between mobile and desktop
Go interchain with cross-chain transfers and interoperability features
Uptick NFT Multi-Chain Landscape
Uptick NFT Marketplace on Uptick Chain
Uptick on Uptick chain is the core NFT marketplace in the Uptick ecosystem. It is dedicated to creative economy in web 3.0, with the most feature-rich and user-friendly experience.
Uptick NFT Marketplace on IRISnet
Uptick on IRISnet is a native NFT marketplace on IRISnet. It's not only the first ever NFT marketplace, but also has the richest and most varied NFT assets in the Cosmos ecosystem.
Uptick NFT Marketplace on Loopring
Uptick on Loopring is the open NFT marketplace powered by Uptick Network and Loopring. It builds a secure, fast, and cheap NFT ecosystem on Ethereum zkRollup Layer2.
Drop a collection on Uptick NFT Marketplace
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    Step 1: Connect Wallet

    Getting a digital wallet is the very first step for anyone interested in participating in the buying, selling, and creation of NFTs on the Uptick NFT Marketplace

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    Step 2: Create Collection

    The next step is to set up your collection and include all the relevant details, such as the title, description and cover image

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    Step 3: Create NFT

    Now it's time to upload your creations and add the NFTs to your previously created collection

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    Step 4: Publish

    The final step is to publish your collection and make it go live on the marketplace. During this process, you can choose between a diverse range of sales models and also set your price for the listing