Uptick NFT Marketplace Highlights

Multiple Media Format Support
Choose between a host of different media formats, providing flexibility in the way you create and upload, with a simple and intuitive user-interface, even for NFT beginners
Collectible & Functional NFT Support
Wide coverage of use cases spanning multiple industries, including support for both physical and crypto-native assets with unique metadata standards
Choose From Several Different Sales Models
Produce diversified sales results with the use of Discounts, Auctions, Buy it Now ...
Creator Royalties
Generate income directly through the sale of NFTs, and earn royalties every time they're resold on the market
Tokenized Platform Incentives
Earn reward incentives in the form of cryptocurrency by simply being an active user of the marketplace and ecosystem applications
Flexible Digital Rights Management
Easily track and manage the rights to your work with secure and immutable digital ownership
Social Communication Feature
Create a personal connection between creators, collectors and the wider NFT community with direct messaging and a number of convenient social functions
Multiple Terminal Support
Create, collect and trade NFTs on the go with the Uptick NFT mobile app, or connect via Keplr & MetaMask on desktop
Multi & Inter-Chain Support
Support for IBC & EVM networks, with cross-chain transferability and interoperability among most major blockchains